Black women can take a stand together against society’s expectations and form a united front. A new short but succinct film, Future First has hit the internet that seeks to inspire young Black girls to reclaim their beauty. An acronym for Look At My Black Beauty, LAMBB, is a collective of creatives who create media visuals to redefine the images of people of colour as it pertains to beauty and representation.

“Black women have throughout history been silent leaders – leaders who built
mansions from bricks but were denied credit. Today though, women are no longer asking for a seat at the table, we are demanding it.”
-Naomi Grant

LAMBB was founded by Naomi Grant three years ago with the intention of filling up a space that had been ignored, although she wasn’t quite sure how best to anchor a definition for the brand. Future First is an artistic interpretation of black braids and cornrows. It is an empowering account of how black women can be fearlessly authentic and true to themselves and to live unapologetically in their truth. It’s about showcasing black beauty and the strength that comes with that.


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