Often times we hear of detox pads to help cleanse our bodies from within. Have you ever considered using foods to naturally cleanse your system? Don’t be surprised. Vegetables, fruits, water are pretty much some obvious examples of foods that can do a pretty great job of detoxing our organs and help “reset” our bodies from the inside out. Give this list below a try:


Garlic is one of the foods that naturally detox your body and this is because they make everything taste better and they have antiviral and antioxidant properties. Eating garlic stimulates the liver into creating detoxifying enzymes that help clean out toxic remains from the digestive system.


Green tea is known for all sorts of wonderful health benefits and it’s another way to detox your body. Drinking green tea provides your body with tons of antioxidants called catechins, which increase liver functions and actually speed up activity in the liver. Green tea also boosts immunity, boosts stamina and counteracts fatigue and lack of energy, so drink up!


Ginger is another liver cleanser that helps it to get rid of free radicals, but it also has anti-inflammatory properties and helps alleviate digestive disorders. You can mince ginger and add it to stir-fry dishes, add it to your homemade dressing or grate it and add it to drinks!


This detox food is super versatile, tastes good and contains loads of nutrients and fiber. Cabbage is also known for being a natural diuretic and will oust excess fluids from the body, plus it has the fewest calories and fat of all the veggies on the farm.


We’re always encouraged to drink water to hydrate our bodies and to flush out toxins. Water helps flush out your kidneys and liver, both organs which help cleanse out our system. It also helps us to balance fluids in our bodies, energize muscles and maintain regular bowel functions. Try drinking warm water with lemon in the morning to help boost your immune system and hydrate your lymph system.


Fruits contain lots of nutrients, antioxidants and fiber to cleanse out our system. Citrus fruits are a great choice because they aid the liver in cleansing and amp up the GI system with enzymatic processes. Start swapping sugar-laden snacks with healthy and tasty fruit and feel the difference!

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