Two weeks ago, the pastor in preaching gave an illustration. He said If person A, we’ll call her Jessica gave you, person B, let’s call her Ruth money to a sum of about 3 million Naira for free and then someone whilst Jessica was leaving the premises begged her for 100,000 Naira as they were about to be ejected from their home. So Jessica comes back to Ruth and says, “Hi Ruth, from that 3 million Naira I gave to you, can you please give me 100,000 Naira to give to Ruth”. He asked the church a simple question, “Will Ruth not give Jessica the money?” Everyone answered in the affirmative.

After this was done. He mentioned how similar this was to tithing. He made a bold statement:

We don’t give because we don’t believe that it comes from God.

This truly stopped me dead in my tracks. I was speechless as I realised how true this was. However, this piece isn’t about tithing. It is about realising that there are forces more powerful than you and I. It was a wake-up call for me to realise that yes, I had sown and maybe reaped from my hard work and dilligence but there were people out there who had equally sown but seemed to still struggle with reaping a good harvest.

It is not by our power nor by our might, but by the spirit of God

This is where the Holy Spirit comes in… I made it a point to carry the Holy Spirit as much as I could this year. He was everywhere with me. In my decision making, in my dreams, guiding me, cautioning me, scolding me… There’s a beauty that comes with knowing Jesus that we need to embrace. It won’t come from treating it as a warfare or as a do-or-die affair, it’ll come from understanding the word of God and understanding that there are seasons in this life business. For each of us, there is a plan, a path and a purpose. Whether we walk in it or don’t is all up to us. At the end of the day, the glory will still be given to the creator of the universe.

We need to start taking responsibility but also learning to be humbled by the spirit. Have you had a good run this year? It might be time to get your praise on to whom all praise is due.


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