Having a female child can be exciting, from the colourful hairstyles to shopping trending styles for her, to litters of Barbie dolls hanging around the house. Seeing a mini version of yourself smiling or laughing will replace thousands of butterflies in your stomach always but it does get challenging when the teenage years arrive faster than you anticipated.

The teenage years are conditioned with the need to physically, emotionally and intellectually independent which is often regarded by adults as ‘rebellion’.

If you are a parent in dire need of tips to set your teen child on the right part, I’m here with valuable tips just for you:

  • Establish clear rules

Don’t be phased when your teen child test her limits by breaking some (if not all) of your set rules. It is important for you to re-establish and clear rules e.g. set a reasonable curfew and help your teen establish healthy habits.

  • Follow through with consequences

It is not enough to set rules, let there be a follow-through consequence when a rule is broken. Take away privileges, assign extra responsibilities or ground her from seeing her friends when a rule is broken. Turn mistakes into healthy learning opportunities.

  • Have conversations about safety

Although many teens know they should wear their seatbelts or they should avoid using drugs or not have sex, peer pressure and impulsivity can lead to poor choices. Hold ongoing conversations about steps your teen can make to stay healthy and safe.

  • Expect a push/pull relationship

There may be days where your teen wants you to know she still very much needs support. But there are also likely to be days where she tries to send the message she no longer needs you in her life. This is a normal part of the process.



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