If you are like me who definitely doesn’t enjoy doing the laundry, then I think you should read this piece. Laundry is possibly the world’s most boring chore and knowing when clothes need to be washed can be confusing at times and this can vary from garment to garment. Some items can be worn several times, others need washing after every wear.

But it’s something we have to do every week, in order to prevent us from having heaps of dirty clothes which only makes laundry more exhausting.

Below are easy brizzy tips to help us with our laundries:

The first tip is to put two laundry baskets in your closet, one where you put your dirty white clothing and the second for your coloured clothing. This is the easiest way to eliminate sorting.

The second tip is to know you don’t have to wash every clothing piece every time. Below is how you take care of every piece of clothing you have.

Underwear (bras, panties and shapewear):

Unless you sweat a lot and depending on the weather, bras can be worn 3 to 4 times between washings. But note that they need a 24-hour break after each wearing for the elastic to recover. Sweating wears down the elastic so washing actually extends the life of the bra.

T-shirts and Jeans

T-shirts are naturally body-hugging and they have the first contact with sweat the body releases. The t-shirts and camisoles should usually be washed after every wearing especially the white ones in other not to make them develop yellow underarm. Also, depending on how you wear your t-shirts, If for example, you are often in a well air-conditioned place, then it is preferable you air it outside rather than washing.

For the jeans, they can be worn 4 to 5 times before washing because they are great at hiding stains. But always remember to turn them inside out to prevent the colour from washing off quickly.


A general rule is that women’s blouses and tops should be washed after every wearing. Of course, only if you don’t sweat heavily or you only wear it for an hour or so, you may be able to get a couple of wearing. A trick used to extend the life of your blouses is to reduce the amount of antiperspirant you use.

Office Wears: Your office wears do not need to be washed every time especially when you are in an air-conditioned place. It should be worn 2 to 3 times and also on how your neckline looks like should determine if they are dirty or not.


Sweaters are usually worn when the weather is cold so they do not need to be washed immediately. They can be worn up to six times before washing.


Although we are all sweaty at night on exception of cold nights. The nightwear can be worn 3 times before washing especially if you always have a bath before sleeping.

Exercise Clothes

They are usually tight and absorbing, the fabrics are body hugging and can harbour bacteria and odour so its appropriate to wash them every time after wearing. Wash a gym bag if possible or wipe out with a disinfecting wipe.

General Laundry Trick

To unshrink any piece of clothing, mix baby shampoo in lukewarm water and put shrunk cloth inside. Click here to get full tutorial.

To prevent cloths from fading, put clothes in the washing machine with a teaspoon of salt in it.


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