Knock! Knock!!

“Who is there?” Patience asked

“We are – Faith, Hope and Love” the trio replied.

“Welcome on board”, Patience said “the more, the merrier”. “It’s going to be a great party.”

Truth, Loyalty, Courage and Temperance screamed and ran to hug faith hope and love with joy.  “Gratitude, Kindness and Honesty are already on their way here” Truth said.

Knock! Knock!!

“Who is there?” Faith asked

“Take a wild guess” came the reply

Faith screamed and jumped as she opened the door for Divine Grace, Mercy and Favour; the triplets. They all hugged each other and cheered. As faith was about to close the door, she heard “wait for us” from a distance.

They all looked back to see Diligence, Humility, Forgiveness and Chastity running down. “This party will really be grand and to think it’s on the sea”. Loyalty said. “The sea is perfectly calm. I expect we would have a smooth sail.” Peace said, “Though the weather forecast said it may get cloudy”.

“Hey, guys! What are we talking about?” Faith chipped in happily. “Well, we are just so excited how grand this gathering is going to be and how wonderful it is to have everyone on-board but the weather is giving us cause for concern”. Truth explained. Faith looked up to the cloud, smiled and said to them, “It’s going to be a fun party”. And they all cheered.

“Expecting any more on board? I’m about to untie the rope. We ought to have started this journey long ago.” “Good Fortune, Prayer and Calmness are yet to come. Oh! Here they are. Welcome aboard guys”.

“Let’s set sail”. “Anyone else will follow the next boat.”

They set sail and for a while, all went smoothly and then Wisdom called the attention of the others to the clouds gathering way ahead. “We may be lucky to scale through” said Patience “but nonetheless let’s brace ourselves. At least one thing is certain: none of us will be lost. We are all good swimmers, right?”

They all laughed. “The ship is strongly built with all the right materials most especially the foundation. It can withstand any storm. By the way where is Grace?” Calmness asked. Prayer pointed and everyone’s eyes followed the direction of her fingers and there was Grace, steering the wheel of the ship.

And then the storm started. Everyone needed to pair up to ensure their safety. Calmness assisted by Patience in their awesome manner took everyone’s mind off panic. Grace and Diligence continued to steer the ship off dangerous waves. Humility, Temperance and Chastity kept monitoring all the important parameters like oil levels, linkages of the gear in the steering room.

Faith and Hope continued to monitor the watertight doors of the ship. Favour, Honesty, Loyalty, Courage and Mercy manned the bridge on the ship with Favour acting as the Officer of the Watch and Courage holding the forte as the Able Seaman.

Love and Truth maintained the important tanks to prevent pump inlet from losing suction at any time. Gratitude and Kindness stayed close by the stand by generator. Good fortune, Forgiveness and Prayer manned the engine room.

With great teamwork, the ship arrived shore safely and no lives were lost.

This is life for us. We are the ship. Faith, hope, love and the others are the virtues God has blessed us with while the storm is the downside to life i.e. the hardship we experience in life. Patience was bold enough to say that none of them will be lost as hope and faith were in the boat too. No matter the gravity of the storm, so long as we have the trio faith, hope and love, we will always scale through.

We as the ship have much to do with the survival of all on board. If the ship is not built firmly i.e. if we do not have Jesus as our firm foundation, no one will survive the storm. But if Jesus is our foundation, the solid rock on which we stand, with Grace steering the wheel of life, nothing will deter us. No negativity will get us down and none of these good virtues will be lost. Instead, they play their individual roles in making us stronger in any battle against evil; these virtues together fight off the negativity.

Life will be boring if all is rosy. The ups and downs make life interesting and fun. Though the downside could be really hurtful and painful, sometimes, but in the end when we are victorious, it becomes part of our history that makes us stronger, wiser, and braver. Then we realise what doesn’t break us only makes us stronger.

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