Every created thing or being from artificial intelligence robots to animals to humans have a flaw. No matter how perfect we tend to look, act or function, this is what we are – Imperfect Beings. Flaws sometimes could be generated from things or circumstances that are beyond our control. The truth is that most times we are weighed down by fear, it is as a result of our mind being conscious of our shortcomings. We are often left to wallow in the fear that our weaknesses will lead to our failure.

Just like you can’t get Kerry Washington to play a role that Taraji Henson will play perfectly, it will be totally inappropriate pushing you into a role that does not tally with your potential. Changing who you are is actually not possible but you can turn your perceived weakness into a source of strength. Make a supposed disadvantage to become an advantage for you.

Your weakness could be that you are slow in executing tasks. That weakness can be tweaked into being more thorough and deliberate. This also makes you the go-to-person when people need to get a detailed and meticulous job or task done. Someone once told me, “I may never be able to impact because I am not a great writer.” It took a smile and a calm whisper of “Do a video blog or podcast instead” to clear her initial doubt.

You might as well not be a good public speaker but you see not everyone could possibly be  Patricia Omoqui. Be an intimate communicator instead even if you aren’t good at talking to large crowds, talk to small groups or communicate one-on-one instead — and learn to be really good at that.

Limitations are not our worst enemies as we perceive rather they force us to choose, and in doing so, they force us to choose what’s most essential. If you find yourself having little or no time to work on personal goals, you might as well take what limited time you have and use it to maximal effect.




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