Mrs Toyin Saraki – The Founder-President of Wellbeing Foundation Africa has lent her voice to the war against sepsis (infection from dirty hands) and poor hygiene in the country. At the event hosted by the National Association of Nigerian Nurses and Midwives (NANNM), in Abuja, Mrs Saraki said that the war against ill health could be won through hand washing.

In line with the WHO 2017 World Health Assembly Sepsis Resolution, she says;

“Hand hygiene must be a quality indicator in every facility and a national marker of health care quality, with access to soap and water monitored and assessed. I am declaring war on sepsis and poor hygiene in health centres – alongside midwives and nurses, I will promote hand hygiene amongst health workers and champion WASH in healthcare facilities. Here in Nigeria, the WHO found that 29% of healthcare facilities do not have access to safe water and toilets, whilst a WaterAid survey revealed that half of the primary health facilities do not have handwashing facilities in delivery rooms. Pregnant women and newborns are thereby placed in huge danger and at risk of sepsis, which is a leading cause of death in hospitals.”

She expressed her commitment to continue to champion the voices of the midwives and ensuring that a better and safer healthcare system is created.

“As the Founder-President of the WBFA, I work with our midwives through our MamaCare and EmONC programmes to ensure that mother and baby are safe from birth through to age. Without adequate WASH facilities, however, midwives all over the world are unable to safely carry out their crucial work – and to lead the way with quality care,” she said.

Mrs Saraki’s keynote speech came after the launch of a new, global WASH campaign, initiated by the Wellbeing Foundation Africa in partnership with the World Health Organisation (WHO), Global Water 2020 and other partners. The launch aims to transform water, sanitation and hygiene in healthcare centres and schools around the world.


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