Body shaming has got nothing on you and your next big business idea lies within you. Gone are the days when women were shamed because of their body sizes. Popular media personality, Tolu ‘Toolz’ Oniru-Demuren has proved this by launching her premium fuller bust lingerie line —”Sablier”.

Sablier is a French word for ‘hourglass’ and was created to cater for the often overlooked plus-size market. The curvy on-air personality has created a niche for herself in the broadcast industry, while also serving as an inspiration for women all over the world – especially curvy women.

Sablier is a brand that represents confidence, female empowerment and self-expression, especially among plus-size women. It is set to drive a message that promotes inclusivity and change the stereotypical perception of plus-size women.

Toolz, who reflected on her experience growing up as a full-bodied woman, further detailed her journey towards accepting her body shape and size.

“As a teenager, you are dealing with a lot, especially when it comes to self-identity and accepting yourself. And you often get confused about what beautiful is. My self-consciousness got so bad at one point that I had to cover up all the time. In the middle of summer, I would wear a light coat to cover up my hips, and people thought I was weird. Clothes shopping was a bit of nightmare, not to talk of shopping for lingerie. Most of the lingerie in plus sizes were quite unattractive; boring styles and colours with super thick straps. Sadly, inclusivity wasn’t such a big thing when I was growing up, you were basically stuck with what was available.”

She took a course in lingerie and swimwear design at the prestigious and award-winning London College of Fashion to get in-depth knowledge of the lingerie market. She reiterated that her struggle to find brands that cater exclusively to her body size was a motivating factor in creating the Sablier brand.

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