It’s just about the easiest thing for the mother, wife and keeper of the home to get burned out.  This is why it is wise to have a special approach to dealing with tasks both at home and at work. Having a physical or mental To-do list will help you set a scale of priority and achieve each task with better organisation and efficiency.

There’s one rule you should apply to every to-do list. This is the R-D-D rule. Rollover, Delegate, and Drop. When you’re busy, trying to achieve everything on your list can cause some serious stress. According to studies, most people leave 41% of their to-dos undone. It’s time to look at your list and be realistic. What should you roll over to tomorrow’s list that you’ll actually be able to achieve?

Some things will still need to get done on the day and can’t afford to be rolled over, which is where delegation comes into play. You can delegate some of your list if you’re in the position to. If there are lots of little things sucking up your time, use it wisely and delegate.

Finally, if you spend a lot of time rolling something over, and can’t seem to get it done, sometimes you just need to drop it. Make sure that you’re not dropping the biggest tasks on your to-do list. Those are the things you need to make sure are at the top, but when it comes to the little inessential items, sometimes you can forget about it. The key is in having the gut instinct to know what’s unnecessary before you even add it to your list.

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