It’s almost weekend again and a number of us are getting set for either one serious “owambe” or perhaps a casual outing with family or friends. While hanging out is a great way of relaxation and a really cool way to spend quality time with loved ones, we need to also bear in mind how we want to look for these hangouts.

These days, Ankara is the talk of the town. Be it in the form of dresses, earrings, neckpieces, sneakers, bags etc., in varying prints, patterns and gorgeous styles, the ladies are on a mission to slay without holding back.

Granted a lot of us are fashionistas and have a great fashion sense but some others may just be upcoming and need guidance once in a while on how to properly accessorize with Ankara jewellery. Here are some cool tips:

  • Blend with especially plain clothes e.g a simple shirt. Wearing a simple t-shirt or solid colour button down blouse, these selections are perfect to go with Ankara jewellery particularly earrings. Due to the fact that Ankara colours and patterns are often bold, accessorizing with them is sure to add a pop of colour to the simplest of outfits. A bold pattern always complements the colour of the shirt, giving it a more interesting touch.
  • Be confident enough to mix your patterns but just know the basic rule which is, sure that the patterns have similar colours. Put in another way, none of the colours in the patterns should clash. For example, a neutral-coloured pattern will very well go with bold Ankara jewellery
  • No matter your outfit, be it simple jeans and a T-shirt, an addition of Ankara jewellery is sure to spice up your look, providing you with the opportunity to make a fashion statement. Don’t have mundane or a boring dress sense. Look at your closet and be creative. In what ways can you mix these bold pieces of jewellery with your existing clothes? Think up nice ideas. Be creative.
  • These accessories are also a great match for Ankara dresses. It doesn’t really matter if your dress is just plain or patterned, there will definitely be the ideal piece of Ankara jewellery that goes with it. Although it is very important you consider the colour mix and shape of the dress before matching the accessory to it. A solid colour pencil dress can be very well accessorized with an Ankara cape in addition to a great pair of earrings, a bracelet, or a necklace in the Ankara style that will look great.

Fashion is all about creativity and although Ankara jewellery displays bold patterns, they are very not only many-sided but also complementary. Play around with these accessories until you find the perfect combination that goes with your outfit.

PHOTO CREDIT: House of Riri Eye

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