While a lot of adults think cartoons are meant for kids, I am of the opinion that it is meant for everyone of all ages. They teach an abundance of lessons and WONDER WOMAN is one of such cartoons with amazing tips entrepreneurs can learn from.

  • As your business evolves to fit the latest trends, fix past errors, incorporate relevant suggestions, and adapt to the ever dynamic market, learn to always rebrand it to fit its new status. Wonder woman prior to becoming a diplomat and iconic member of the Justice League, became a babysitter, fashion model, movie star, astronaut, businesswoman and even a mod-spy type when she lost her powers then. However, her status changed when she got her powers back. Whenever it is needed and as often as it is needed, be sure to rebrand your business.
  • With her goals set at promoting truth, peace and equality, wonder woman became a better teammate and great leader. In the same vein, entrepreneurs guided by truth, honesty and integrity always stand out from others. These qualities help them make great business decisions and draws their employees, customers, partners, investors to them.
  • The ability to empathize with others is what makes wonder woman a key member of the Justice League. Entrepreneurs with this skill are better bosses and are able to build successful businesses which impact positively on the world.
  • Just as wonder woman has fearlessly but strategically fought monsters, gods and sometimes allies all for the greater good of humanity, so also entrepreneurs should be bold enough to face the challenges they encounter in business. Pick your battles wisely and only go for those you are sure to win especially after validating your ideas and testing the market to see the acceptance of your product/service.
  • Wonder woman proudly wears her indestructible bullet-deflecting bracelets as a symbol to show Amazon’s victory over oppression from Hercules. In the same light, entrepreneurs should learn to convert their weaknesses into strengths. Refuse to be held back by flaws or shortcomings but overcome them and let them be part of your success story.
  • Apart from her superhuman strength and speed, wonder woman’s greatest power is her superhuman stamina and endurance. As entrepreneurs, these two additional qualities – endurance and stamina are what would make you succeed against all odds.
  • Wonder woman always shared the glory with others and never took all the credit for herself. Successful entrepreneurs always acknowledge team effort and celebrate victories together just as they take responsibility when things go wrong.
  • Just as she was mentored by her Aunt, wonder woman also mentored others too. Entrepreneurs shouldn’t hoard knowledge but seek to impart what they know on others, just like paying it forward.

The world needed a hero, wonder woman came to be. The world needs entrepreneurs with a difference. BE ONE.

PHOTO CREDIT: superherostuff.com

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