How crazy is it when you just find yourself working and working for long periods but at the end of the day, you find out you really got nothing productive? This is especially often the case when you spend time doing things you don’t want to do than things you love. Time is too precious to waste this way, wouldn’t you agree?

Each day, we are given 24 hours to fully maximise. These hours are split into 8-hour periods of work/play/sleep. However, we don’t often follow this time table in reality. Sometimes, we spend as much as 10 or more hours at work and chores, no time for play and even less than eight hours for sleep.

Wouldn’t it nice if we can get all 8 hours of each period fully utilized in the department they are each allocated to? I mean, don’t you think your day would be more productive if you actually work for 8 hours, not a minute more? Play for 8 hours and also sleep for 8 hours, not a minute less? Life would be sweeter and more fun to live if we can actually get the most of the 24 hours given to us.

How can we achieve this?

Work or listen on your commute

You can begin your work hours early if you take the bus or even drive to work. If you take the bus, you can start reading your emails or reading doing that last minute preparation on that presentation you have to give. You can even read that motivational book or caych up on that new skill you are learning. If you drive to work, listen to the audios of these books. This saves you some time when you get to your desk. Yo settle in more easily this way and your mind is already set in work mode. Also when its time to close, CLOSE from work.

Combine work and play

Did you know you can actually exercise, have fun and network all at the same time? Sure you can. You can have fun while running on that treadmill and with your ear pods in your ears, you can network with people.

Prioritize the big picture

What is your ultimate goal? What is the big picture of your dream? Once you have this figured out, you break it down into smaller tasks that would help you achieve that goal in the order of priorities.

Sleep when it’s time

Even if you were unable to finish your assigned tasks for the day, when the 8 hours of your sleep time starts ticking on the clock, please go to bed. It’s always better to faceyour tasks with a fresh mind and clear head rather than a tired and muddled up mind.

Asking questions never hurt

Ask for help when you need them. Ask for clarification. Ask for definitions. Don’t let your pride stop you from asking for help—that’s how you make avoidable mistakes.

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