24 hours is more than enough time to carry out all the scheduled activities in a day but the reason it seems like this amount of time isn’t enough is because we are sometimes busy over nothing or we hide under the umbrella of procrastination.  The secret to having a productive day is to work smarter and not necessarily harder.  Having an effective plan on how to carry out all your tasks, will leave you not only completing them but giving you room to do other things.  

Here are some tips to help do the trick:

  • Have a practical to-do list: A to-do list is one of the keys to efficiently maximise your time to be productive because it keeps you on track to realize your set goals, be it long or short term. In scheduling your tasks on this list, it is paramount that you have your most important tasks at the top of the list and other minor tasks at the bottom. This guides you in prioritizing intelligently, the tasks that require your immediate attention and keep you more focused on being very organised and productive.
  • Focus on one task at a time: A neuroscience professor at MIT, Earl Miller said that concentrating on doing one task at a time, stimulates creative thinking as the brain is free to “follow a logical path of associated thoughts and ideas” without disturbance. Most entrepreneurs think multitasking results in more success in the modern workplace, research has shown that this is some misguided thinking and this is because in trying to accomplish more than one task all at the same time, may result in you not giving your 100% best to each individual task thereby doing the tasks haphazardly as against being done effectively if they had each been done with undivided attention. 
  • Take breaks: Don’t try to play the role of a superhuman and allow yourself some rest time as you work. In trying to achieve all your set tasks, working hours unending might be uncomfortable or even take a toll on you. Take time to rest. Enjoy the short breaks in between tasks or even when still on a task to allow for your brain to recuperate and rest awhile before plunging back to work. 

Ultimately, learn to work very smart, making maximum use of your time to have a productive day.

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