In addition to her particular brand of comedy, Tiffany Haddish has built a reputation around being the person who shares it all. Whether she’s writing about the details of her abusive marriage, sharing the horrors of growing up in foster care, or spilling celebrity secrets.

Tiffany has, for as long as she’s been in the mainstream, had a lot to say.

But apparently that is coming to an end. Over the weekend, Haddish tweeted that after watching a YouTube video titled, “The 10 Things You Should Always Keep To Yourself,” she was going to refrain from being such an open-book.

If you’re wondering what the video listed as thing you should not share with others, here’s what the creator’s said

– Goals
– Good Deeds
– Life Philosophy
– Wealth
– Family problems
– Other people’s secrets
– Fears and weaknesses
– Resentments about the past
– Your talents
– Personal Life

A few of these could have applied to the things Tiffany has shared over the years, including personal life. This is what the video had to say about that particular topic.

“There are certain things that are better kept to yourself, such as what you do under the sheets, your religious life and your bad habits. Telling others about your personal things will open you up to judgement and criticism. Keeping certain elements of your life a mystery will make you come across much classier and worthy of a lot more respect.”

They concluded the video by saying that no matter how large your circle of friends is, in the end we’re all alone.

Personally, I found it a bit odd and even pessimistic in its view on human nature. While Tiffany certainly has the right to change and grow as an entertainer as she sees fit, those of us who appreciate her do because of the things she’s shared about herself…and occasionally other people. To me, she’s something like the people’s celebrity: famous but still authentic and accessible.

Haddish concluded the tweet thread with these final thoughts.

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