It was two weeks to my wedding and I was on the verge of losing my mind. Everything you could imagine had gone wrong; from the designer sending me a wrong wedding dress, or me forgetting the second pair of my wedding sandals at the shoe store, and the event centre we booked calling to say there was a mix up somewhere and we had to use a smaller hall. To top the crap list”, I and my then fiance couldn’t find an affordable place to spend our honeymoon in Lagos.

It was then I realised finding a honeymoon destination could be difficult even though there are so many romantic honeymoon destination spot out there. Trying to settle for a right one can be so overwhelming and the fact that we were on a budget was limiting. But honeymoons are meant to be unique, spectacular, restful, and romantic. They are meant to be incredible experiences with memories that will endure for a lifetime. So if you are craving that memorable honeymoon and are wondering where on earth to take it, consider these 3 affordable resort centres to visit in Lagos.


Whispering Palms is located along  Ajido Road, Off Lagos Badagry Express Way, Nigeria in the outskirt of Lagos. It is one of the oldest resort centres in Nigeria that has continued to maintain quality standard. This resort centre has attracted people from different parts of the world, not just because of its standard but also its location. Badagry is known for having one of the world’s best tourist attraction and staying in Whispering Palms gives you the opportunity of exploring this peaceful town.

Whispering Palms has a beach spot and boat ride area, outdoor restaurant, museum, mini zoo, swing side, gym, swimming pool and coconut dispensary.


Just image waking up to the sound of the ocean singing. Located in Ikare Village, Badagry, Lagos, Nigeria, and only accessible by boat ride, this resort centre was designed to look like the Miami-style beach resort. Kamp Ikare is a beach resort that offers home-away-from-home facilities and services that combines the rustic environment around it with a Miami-style lounge area creating the most simple, no fuss environment for your relaxation.


Escape the normal hustle and bustle of the Lagos lifestyle and enjoy the serenity of Epe Resort. This resort is located at Itoikin Road, Epe, Lagos and its a great place for a couples getaway. Not only will you enjoy the peaceful atmosphere, but you also have the opportunity to do exciting activities like team building and game activities, fitness training, funky dancing, get a taste of the Al Fresco BBQ, visit the famous Epe fish market, have the opportunity of staying in their Eleko beach house, walking and cycling activities.


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