Twitter user @Stephiesosoul articulately broke down her learned lesson from 2017 in a video that is short and sweet to the soul. The video went viral the day of New Years Eve and the magic in it is a reminder of the beauty of light that lies in the darkness of our own victimization.

“There is a world of outcomes that we don’t see, and maybe being put on this path is what it takes for you to get to that path that you want. It’s never just, ‘Things have to be A, B, C.’ You don’t know the endless possibilities that can happen, so sometimes when we’re put on a path we think ‘OH MY GOD everything went wrong.’ No. Things are exactly how they’re supposed to be going. It’s just your perspective of victimization that can change that. You have to see that life happens FOR you, never TO you. So, if there is a change that did not match whatever you had planned – A, B, and C – just know that it is because it is to align you. Have that faith, that GODFIDENCE, that I’m confident wherever I land I’m going to land on my feet. I land on my feet standing and I’m only there because that’s wherever I have to be to get to where I’ve been praying for.”

Steph’s message was powerful. Sometimes we don’t see the answers that surround us because we are too busy mourning the death of our expectations. The path we are on is not a mistake. It’s leading us to where we are meant to go and who we are meant to be.

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