This hack is saving beats especially for those  of us living in humid weather conditions where creasing is almost inescapable.

Jackie Aina, the you tube vlogger who has grown very popular for her seamless makeup finish and easy tricks recently introduced the hack which involves dusting your loose powder over your face before applying your liquid foundation. It sounded absurd but Aunty Jackie said it, so I tried it and you won’t believe how long my make-up lasted under extreme weather conditions and pretty much the whole day.


Also, as an aside, because I’m feeling extremely generous today: forget what anyone tells you about Milk Of Magnesia. If you have terribly oily skin and live in a really humid area; milk of magnesia is about the only thing that will help keep the oil at bay. The expensive primers seem to work for maybe 2-3 hours but any time longer and the blotting papers will need to come out of hiding.

People may have stopped speaking about it but believe me everyone still uses it. Don’t feel shy. Try these two make-up steps for the best finish.

Let me know how it goes in the comment section below.

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