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As I scrolled through my instagram timeline, I noticed that there was a beautiful photo of DIY girl, Torera Idowu. In it, she a young man had his arms around her and it looked like a pre-wedding picture. Being the nosy person I am, I swiped left and viola! I stumbled on even more gorgeous photos. I would have scrolled right along to continue being a busy body until I saw her caption. Her caption indicated that she had taken her own pre-wedding photos all by herself and she had social media abuzz that day. Even I thought, well when I get married, this would be the perfect way to actually save some money because we all know weddings get pretty costly on this side of the world.

Further intrigued, I decided to ask a few pertinent questions and the below were her responses:


I particularly liked that you shot your own pre-wedding photos, can you please explain what the reasoning behind it was, how you managed to get it done as well as what you hoped to get out of it? 

Oh my! Thank you so much. I was amazed at the feedback the video got.

What I am most passionate about is frugal living and I run a Youtube channel called DIYdose where I share do-it-yourself and frugal living ideas with my audience. I believe spending money should be justified and the general rule for me is “why buy when I can DIY?” I had approached a few photographers to help me with the shoot and their prices were way above our budget. I thought, why not do this ourselves?

Did you like the outcome of the photos or would you have preferred to have them professionally taken if given the chance? 

I did some research on self portraits. Spent some time studying other photographer’s tips and tricks. I’ll be really honest, I didn’t expect the photos to turn out as well as they did. If I had the budget, I probably wouldn’t have challenged myself. But I am glad I didn’t have that budget. I challenged myself and ended up surprising myself and everyone else. I remember editing it and thinking to myself “I am on to something!”

How did you get your husband-to-be to get on board with experimenting with him? 

He was not having it at the beginning. His policy is the complete opposite. “Why DIY when I can buy?” Lol, but he knows that when I set my mind on something, I always get it done. He was understanding during the process even though that was the last thing he wanted.

Did it lead to an even more intimate shoot? 

Intimate…hmnn not so much. He was tired and hungry the whole time. Haha. But when we reviewed the photos on our laptop, we gave each other a hi5 and he said. I am very proud of you Torera.

Any lessons learnt from the experience? 

I learnt so many lessons but the most important and significant of all is that there is a surprise at the end of every challenge.


Well, there you have it. It looks like Torera is up to something and I wouldn’t be surprised if young couples start taking their own pre-wedding photo shoots. From the looks of the photos, it’s well worth it. Take the leap and you just might surprise yourself.

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