This 12 Year Old Girl Collected 500 Cases Of Water For People Of Puerto Rico Affected By Hurricanes

It has been nearly a month after powerful Hurricanes Irma and Maria ripped through the island of Puerto Rico killing 48 and displacing thousands as the people continue to deal with major blackouts, flooding, food and clean water shortages and rising health issues.

One girl in the city of Maryland used her birthday to raise 500 cases of water to help with the clean water shortage. Dashai Morton is a sixth grade student at North Forestville Elementary who decided to take it upon herself to give back during her special day on Oct. 10.

“She wanted nothing else. Nothing else. No party, no nothing. This is what she wanted,” Tanya Morton, her grandmother, told Washington, D.C. ABC affiliate WJLA.

Dashai spearheaded the “Project Give Back 500” at her school where she met her goal in just two weeks. Donors also collected blankets and non-perishable foods to help ease the suffering of those in need.

“It makes me happy because I can help other people who don’t have what I have,” Dashai Morton said.

But the drive will not end after she reaches her goal. She will continue to collect water and other goods through the end of the month of October. Her efforts will also be coordinated with the Red Cross despite the organization’s questionable history.

Culled from: blavity.com

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