I am sure we are all aware of reasons why we need to maintain a good diet. No doubt, a healthy diet helps us reach our weight loss and fitness goals but a new study has also discovered that maintaining a healthy diet can reduce the risk of getting a hearing loss for women.

A good diet performs wonders on our skin, hair growth and ageing process. But its benefits go beyond that. A recent research has found that eating a healthy diet can reduce the risk of hearing loss by 30%. The study which was carried out by the Brigham and women’s hospital was titled ‘Adherence to a healthful dietary pattern in women’.

The study which looked at 81,818 women between the ages of 27 and 44 have over 22 years of diet pattern detailed in it, discovered that certain nutrients have been linked with the hearing status in women.

Interestingly, we observed that those following an overall healthy diet had a lower risk of moderate or worse hearing loss. Eating well contributes to overall good health, and it may also be helpful in reducing the risk of hearing loss. said Sharon Curhan, first author of the study.

The research which detailed the dietary pattern information intake of every woman discovered that women whose diets matched the AMED or DASH dietary pattern had an approximately 30% lower risk of having a moderate or worse hearing loss. An analysis of a sub-cohort of 33,000 women further indicated that the percentage of the reduction in risk of hearing loss may be even greater than 30% and may be linked with the AMED diet.

Below is a brief about healthy diets that can reduce hearing loss in women:

AMED Diet:

This diet includes consumption of extra virgin olive oil, legumes, whole grains and fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as nuts and seeds.

DASH Diet:

This diet is especially recommended to people with hypertension. It’s high in fruits and vegetables and low in sodium, sugar. It also eliminates alcohol completely.


This diet borrows components from both the above diets.

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