Just about that time when the alarm goes off for you to begin your day, is often when the sleep is sweetest and one is often tempted to hit that snooze button and steal some extra bit of sleep. This is even worse on weekends when you know it is a workfree day. You just want to relax, be lazy and sleep in, after all, you have always had an early start on the weekdays.

It’s only fair to indulge yourself on weekends, right? Before you make ready to plead your defence in that courtroom of your mind, here are some reasons to consider to have an early start:


No one likes being rushed. Be it for work or an appointment, being rushed because you slept in those few extra minutes can cause unnecessary stress to the beginning of your day! It causes you to be edgy and makes you even snap at people because you are trying to beat time. Somehow, it sets the tone for the day and you may not enjoy it.


Getting up early allows you time to be more productive – not just in the morning but during the whole day. Whatever your responsibilities may be, inside or outside the home, when your mind is clear and alert, you’re more attentive to the tasks at hand and are able to engage better! Waking up early allows your mind time to perk up and tune in!


Going to bed early and waking up early, tends to increase your energy level. You don’t feel too tired to get off the bed and you are at alert.


That early morning time spent at the gym is always very refreshing. It gives your body the right feel to kickstart your day. Again, an early start prevents you from rushing all your activities during the day so you an make out time for the gym in the evening, at which point your energy level may have plummeted.


An early start helps you achieve more while taking your time. You can do some chores, prepare your plan for the day, set your time to tasks you intend to accomplish for the day and even chill a bit before stepping out.

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