“There is nothing sexier than a smart woman”, said Charlize Theron, South African and American actress and film producer; recipient of several accolades, including an Academy Award, a Golden Globe Award, and the Silver Bear for Best Actress.

Your beautiful looks, your wealth, your class and elegance are all the more enhanced when you are educated. Education is more than just going to school to get a degree. It is learning from your environment and experiences.

With good education and persistence in hard work, you find out that nothing is impossible. Do not get distracted with trivialities but instead remain focused. Discover who you are, the purpose for which you exist in this world and fulfil it. You are here for a reason, hence you matter.

You need to be prepared, well equipped and empowered by improving your knowledge base. Michelle Obama said, “Your experience – facing and overcoming your adversities is one of your biggest advantages”. Giving up shouldn’t be an option for you. Let your focus not be on the limitations others place on you but instead on the dreams, you have for yourself.

These days, women are becoming positive forces in their communities. You can be one too. Do not settle for less or a life of mediocrity. You are and can be more than what you think. All you need do is go deep into your core and find out the true substance you are made of.

Develop your self-esteem and walk with your head held high. You are made for more. Take up that job. Start that business and I promise you would feel great when you are able to support your husband financially and otherwise.

Speaking intelligently and eloquently is one of the best and fastest attractions you can ever get as a woman. It goes to show that you are not just beautiful but you are beauty and brains in one being. Without the compliments or acknowledgements of how sexy this makes you, you personally get to feel super awesome about yourself. You become more aware of the power that lies within you and how best you can use it to impact positively on the world.

Education is a MUST if you intend to go places. Self-development through skills enhancement, reading, moving in circles of focused people smarter than you, but most importantly, finding yourself and improving your being are some of the key ways to augment your education.

No challenge or difficulty you face is a mistake. You are meant to face it because you wouldn’t be the same after it, especially if you come out a victor. You discover you have let free another potential or strength that had been locked away for a long time. You get to look at yourself in the mirror and say, “Is this really me?”

Of course, it is you. You have just evolved from a puppa into a butterfly.

PHOTO CREDIT: Financial Juneteenth

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