The first time I came across these words – “There are lots of good relationships, the bad ones just have better PR” was on twitter and I squealed so hard because it was true. What we mostly hear of in the news and on social media are discouraging tales about relationships, we barely hear/read happily ever after stories. Most people even believe that it only exists in movies and storybooks. What we don’t know is that the frequent consumption of negative relationship stories affects people’s decisions when finding love, we start to hear things like “He didn’t mean to hit me, no relationship is perfect, at least it was just a slap.

There are so many good relationships, and you don’t have to fight tooth and nail to have one, you shouldn’t have to settle for less than you deserve. Believe that you deserve the best and that you will only get the best. I know it’s easy to say, but you first have to believe it’s possible to experience it.

Here is how to know you are settling for less:

You try to justify everything and give reasons for the unfair things he does.
You are always comparing your relationship to others, and it’s still that you see how others are happier, glowing and growing in their relationships, but you aren’t.
You keep viewing the things your partner does as a temporary thing with the hopes that he changes. When we get married, he will have more time for me. He won’t.
Your relationship depends on people’s opinions. You are worried about what your parents or friends will say if you decide to leave.
You always feel anxious and insecure. You continuously have to decode his feelings and the things he says or does.
It’s difficult having to take a step as huge as walking away from a relationship you don’t enjoy. Things may get messy, but no one deserves to settle, or be settled on, so don’t be afraid to walk away when you know it isn’t right. There are lots of good people out there,and you deserve to be loved irrevocably.

Good relationships exist, and you deserve to be inone too. Never ever settle for less.

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