In my estate the other day, I noticed with pride in my heart, a woman laying inter-locking tiles on the road. She was the only woman amidst over 15 guys. She was just as active and agile as the men were. Except for her physique, you wouldn’t be able to differentiate her from the men.

In recent times, that thick line that seemed to put a definite distinction between male and female jobs is fast vanishing into thin air. These days, women are beginning to thrive in the jobs which were male dominant in the past, such as auto-mechanics, cab drivers, shoemaking, furniture making, painting, software developments, to mention but a few.

The same men we used to think were meant for some certain jobs are busy exploring the world of women as they continue to excel in hair making, makeup, fashion and the likes. And the irony of it is that most women feel more comfortable for men to do these things for them.

They have the impression that men are more gentle and have a sharper eye for detail in these areas. I belong to this school of thought and I feel it’s because these guys are putting in a double effort to be extra good since these areas are seen as “feminine”.

Now, if the men are exploring our world and excelling in them, do you still think we can’t do same? Do not ignore your talent. If you love to fly planes, then go do it. Bessie Coleman was the first African-American to get her pilot’s license in 1921. Lady Mary Bailey of Ireland earned her’s in 1927 and became the first woman to qualify for a “blind-flying” certificate (instrument rating).

Others have done it, why can’t you? If you would like to be a machinist or an artisan, my dear, go right ahead. Stop settling for commonplace. You are a boss lady. So think like one. Like the quote goes, “Act like a lady, think like a boss”.

You can get to any level you want to, so stop selling yourself short. After all, Hilary Clinton contested for the presidency of the most powerful country in the world. Today, many more women have risen to positions of power to show that they can be more than chefs and caretakers of the home.

So, boss lady, whatever you do, be a professional in it. Educate yourself and excel in that area. RuPaul did say, “Walking with your chest out and head held high says you have earned the right to stomp and pummel this particular piece of real estate”. You can be anything and anyone you want to be. Never you think otherwise or think less of yourself. Uh-uh. You can rise above any standard set for you.

You know why? Because you are more than capable. Start thinking like a boss lady and say this quote, say to any obstacle in your way, “Honey, I got heels higher than your standards”.

You go girl…… You absolutely rock!

Are you a Boss Lady? I would love to read your comments and contributions in the comment box below.


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