All you’ll need is a pair of cheap lashes and a spoolie.


Synthetic lashes are usually cheaper and can easily be given away by their non-wispy effect; they’re usually too perfectly glossy, lengthened and too evenly spaced-out or placed tightly together. This is usually a no-no if you’re looking to have your make-up look natural.

Makeup artist Paloma Garcia shared an eyelash hack that not only makes cheap lashes look more expensive but also more natural.

In a Facebook video, Garcia demonstrates her technique. Using the spoolie, she brushes out the stiff falsies. The process is almost tough on the lashes as she seems to scrub the lashes enough to create uneven  separation and a more natural look that actually makes the lashes appear thicker. To finish, she uses the spoolie to make sure the ends have a nice curl. So simple and yet so brilliant.

Twitter has already been buzzing with people trying out this new trick.

This lash hack could become a game changer for false-lash wearing fanatics. Think about it, all that money saved. We think this is genius!

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