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The workplace culture today is very different from how it used to be. Unlike others, our generation is more concerned with our work being the marriage of our passions and personalities. We don’t see work as something to endure but rather something we love and enjoy doing. We are not saddled with jobs we don’t like instead we convert our passions, hobbies, talents, skill to work and get paid for things we love to do. 

In what ways have the workplace culture transformed in this past decade? Here are some examples:

Celebrating Success

Now, the culture of praise and recognition is now a thing in most workplaces. Employees that are exceptional in their duties and responsibilities are celebrated with their pictures put up on the wall in the office lobby or in a place where it can be easily seen. This is to highlight their valued contributions which may be in carrying out their duties in an exceptional manner. Birthdays and other celebrations of employees are marked in a fun way. This way, employees are always noticed and appreciated.

Sustained Communication

Instead of moving from one cube to another to get information, the use of online platforms such as Whatsapp, Outlook and other instant messaging apps serve as a faster and more convenient way to communicate with your colleagues. You can message all day if you have questions or comments, all without leaving your desk.

Inclusive recruitment

As against favouring ethnic tribes or a particular sect during job recruitment, most companies go for people who can actually add value irrespective of race, colour, ethnic background. So long as they are qualified for the job and can actually do the job, they are hired. Moreover, there is unity in diversity, right?

Work and Play

Just like Google office, the workplace area is now becoming more playful in aesthetic. Unlike the seriousness of the office place in those days, people now feel more comfortable working in settings that don’t make them feel so isolated. The furnitures are more colourful, modern and more fun, making work more interesting.

Casual Dressing

Gradually, the office dress code of strictly suits, briefcases, ties etc is beginning to fade away as people now come to work in more comfortable wear such as jeans, t-shirts and blazer combinations. The suits and ties are reserved for those business meetings or banks, although it seems even those are learning to dress more comfortably.

Learning Always

Moving with the advanced technological trend today, it is important for employees to always up their skills so they are not left behind. People are beginning to learn new, easier and faster ways to get their job done, thus coming off as more productive. 

Flexible Hours

In this era, remote work is no longer odd. People can choose to work from home and still get their work done as they would have if they worked from the office. This enhances multitasking and creates room to learn and do more. Those stringent 9 – 5 work hours may not be as solid today as people can choose to work from 10 – 6 or 9 – 4. The important thing is getting the work done as at when due.  

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