“Jerry! Duke!” Vera yelled as she entered her home. The boys had been so engrossed in playing that they could not hear her. She raised her voice a little louder and they hurriedly ran to her to get snuggled in her warm embrace. She handed the bigger bag of groceries to Duke who was older while she handed the smaller cellophane bag to Jerry.

They both headed to the kitchen to drop the bags their mother had returned from the market with. Jerry had a mischevious smile on his handsome face with his lower lip slightly curled up.

Vera had noticed he often had that grin on his face anytime he had questions to ask. “Jerry, What is it?”

He shrugged playfully. “Well, I was wondering why you did not give me the big bag to carry”

She smiled “Big boys carry bigger loads while mummy’s little boy carry smaller bags” She explained.

We sometimes find ourselves when we are made to carry bigger bags like Jerry’s older brother Duke and because we are humans we end up in complaints and murmurs of why it should be us. On the battlefield of life, bigger responsibilities are given to bigger soldiers, this is the reason why sometimes we find ourselves in the different circumstances that outplay in our lives but you need to know that as you go through them, you are not alone. The architect of your life is right there with you through it all.

Tasha Cobb’s rendition in her gospel track says;

God will break you to position you
Break you to promote you
And break you to put you in your right place
But when He breaks you, He doesn’t hurt you
When He breaks you, He doesn’t destroy you, He does it with; grace

This is all in a bid to prepare you for greater heights. The best thing to do in such situations is to spend more time with God in prayer and trust him totally to bring you out of the storm.

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