Our bodies are conditioned to adapt to any weather. All year round, the climate continues to change due to rise and fall in geographical temperatures. Each year, the rainbelt moves northwards up into sub-Saharan Africa (by around August), and then moves back southwards into sub-central Africa (by March). Equatorial Africa remains in the rainbelt throughout the year, which is why this region is the wettest part of the continent.


As the year advances and the rain fall approaches, here are some tips on how to stay dry;


Shower caps are life-savers

Even when you forget your umbrella, your shower-cap will be right there to protect your hair. I call them life -savers .




If you have the need to be dry from head to toe. Then a rain coat is an ideal pick. Raincoats are water resistant materials that shield you from the rain. You can always have them in your bag so you can make use of them when the need arises. It is advisable you also get for your children.


Umbrellas are not bad either 

It is important to get an umbrella, they are going to give you a lot of relieve too. Whether you choose to go for the wooden or plastic- handled umbrellas, ensure they are strong and not sub-standard to avoid being embarased by the wind. Ensure to have one in your car too.


Dressing in dark colours pay

Choosing to dress in colours of ‘not-so bright’ shades is a big way of you avoiding the risk of getting stained or splashed by motorists or breezy rain.



Stay dry

Try as much as possible to stay dry. Avoid staying out when the the skies are cloudy and warm clothes made mostly from cotton or wool. Your constantly being drenched by the rain increases your risk pop being down with a flu or cold. Accessories like scarfs, socks and gloves are going to duo a good job in keeping you warm. Whatever you do, wherever you are, stay dry.

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