“Did you see my black purse?” Tega asked her sister, Efe.

”Didn’t you use it recently? I last saw it hanging on the bag rack in the room.” Efe replied.

“I have checked but it isn’t there. Please can you come help me find it? I am running late.” Tega pleaded.

Efe went to the room to go help Tega search for the black purse and as they searched, their mom stood at the door watching them. ”How can you find anything in this place? This is not how a lady’s room is supposed to be. In fact, this isn’t anyone’s room. It is just a heap of chaos,” She said.

Unable to hide the disgust she felt, she entered the room. “Why the heap of clothes on the bed? Where do you girls sleep? On this heap?” she asked, unable to stop the questions from coming out. The girls suddenly felt ashamed. They had been meaning to arrange the room but procrastination got the better side of them.

“I won’t be surprised if rat and roaches are your co-tenants in this room,” Mrs Obi continued. “Imagine this clutter. How can you find anything in this mess?”

That weekend, she monitored her daughters as she made sure they decluttered their room and arranged it properly. When they were done, the room seemed brighter, the air cleaner and more spacious.

“Now, this is how a room should be not the dump it was before,” Mrs Obi said as she walked out of the room. Her job with them was done for the day.

In same way, a cluttered business is just a messed up business. When an organisation lacks clarity in its purpose and dealings with customers, so many things come undone and chaos becomes the order of the day – unsatisfied and angry clients, misinformed employees, lack of communication etc.

A cluttered business disorganises communication, hinders understanding and drives customers away.

Clarity in business is of the utmost importance. It is a game changer and indeed a great success driver – for businesses, organizations, and individuals alike.

As the business owner, clarity first begins with you before it gets to the heart of your business – your employees. Clarity not only helps you understand the purpose of your business but also allows your purpose to align with your passion, thus making your business stand out in a unique way.

Clarity also helps your team better understand the goals and vision of your business and what purpose you wish to achieve with it. Giving room for transparency, clarity helps improve the efficiency and productivity of your employees.

Understanding the needs of your customers and how best to serve this need is one of the many benefits of clarity. This enables you to better provide that needed value your business can create, thus improving your bottom line steadily.


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