Carrot is one of the most popular root crops we know and it has so many uses especially in cooking. It is highly nutritious and a great source of Vitamin C, Vitamin A and Beta-Carotene and is great for healthy skin, hair, gums and teeth. However, there are many other benefits of carrot we can enjoy apart from eating it in its whole form, cooked or uncooked. A good example of this is the Carrot Oil which is also known as Carrot Seed Oil and this is considered as an essential oil with a lot of uses. The full benefits of this oil can be enjoyed in its purest form. Here are a few benefits of carrot oil.

1. Skin Rejuvenation: Skin issues like psoriasis, dermatitis etc., have been dealt with using Carrot Oil which stimulates new skin cell growth. This oil rejuvenates and promotes healthy skin and is beneficial for all skin types especially those with dry or oily skin.  It gives the pores just enough moisture so they won’t clog. Anyone with dry, dull and lifeless skin should use carrot oil and you are sure to get that healthy glow.

2. Healthy hair:  The hair can be stimulated to grow by carrot oil protecting a person from hair loss. It works on split ends and revitalizes dry-looking hair, stopping hair breakage and promoting its growth.

3. Stress Reliever: This amazing oil is often used in aromatherapy because it not only has a mild and soothing aroma but also is found to be very effective in relieving stress and anxiety.

4. Stimulant: Carrot oil is capable of stimulating circulations, metabolic functions and also the secretion of hormones, enzymes etc. In fact, they can even make you feel more alert and active by stimulating brain functions and nerves.

5. Prevents Cancer: Carrot oil is found to be effective in cancer prevention especially in the stomach, mouth and kidneys. These anti-cancerous properties are partly due to its antioxidant features, but also because of various medicinal properties of its natural components.

6. Anti-wrinkle and Anti-spot: Carrot oil works on the deep frown lines on faces, putting a stop to wrinkles and age spots in the skin. It has also shown its capabilities of slowing down the ageing process as well.

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