So, it is a known fact that women are highly emotional creatures and guys think that is their weak point. They couldn’t be more wrong. If anything, a woman’s emotions are her strongest suit. She gives her all when she loves and it’s amazing.

She cares with every iota of her being and can be quite passionate as well. Her somewhat complicated self, makes her awesome, special, unique, amazing and a great gal.

A real woman chooses to no longer exist but truly live her life. She chooses real and genuine happiness and the amazing irony of it all is that in her complication, lies her deep simplicity.

A real woman is classy, yet simple;

A real woman is feisty, yet simple;

A real woman is elegant, yet simple;

A real woman is who she is, yet simple;

In her simplicity, she is all at once – a lady, woman, girl, child, and baby all rolled into one. Any man, who knows her like this, understands her very nature like this and treats her as all these at the same time, will get the best of her.

They say men are logical and women are emotional. A woman’s emotions are almost always delicate. She has the heart to love everyone, but when she falls in love with one, she loves him with everything she’s got; she loves him with every fibre and iota of her being.

She doesn’t want to change him to what she feels he should be but help him grow to be the best that he can be.

It may sometimes feel she is stressing or arguing too much but she is trying to communicate with you especially if you are proving difficult. You know why? It’s because a woman who truly loves her man will get angry at him for so many things, especially when she believes so much in him but he slacks behind. Now, this is different from nagging.

Nagging women scare men away.

The fact that she gets angry doesn’t mean she will walk out. Oh no! She will always stick around and try her hardest to make sure her man grows to be the great man he is meant to be.

She does all these because she loves him and is trying to help him secure a better life and future. A woman that does all these and even ends up getting on your his nerve, means him well. The reason being that his life is her life and she loves him as dearly as she loves herself.

Beautiful ladies, pride yourselves in the love that fills your heart. With that, you would be able to transform the world.

PHOTO CREDIT: HelloBeautiful

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