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The climate change we are experiencing in this part of the world is such that I cannot even comprehend. The weather is so hot that sometimes it feels like the heat is messing with your brain. After a stressful day at work yesterday, I boarded the regular “rickety” bus to go home. 

The way I dived for the window seat, one would think there was gold stashed there. The person that sat next to me happened to be this guy who was not only sweating profusely but also emitting smells of the sweat. Suddenly, it seemed my air supply was cut short and then I realized the true value of fresh air. 

Immediately, my head was ducked out the window with my nostrils seeking and treasuring every bit of fresh air I could find. The traffic was so slow that I feared I wouldn’t be able to endure for long. I already called out to the conductor to let him know that I would be alighting at some two bus stops away when the offender signalled that he wanted to get off. 

It was a moment of joy for me. Now my lungs which were deprived from sufficient fresh air can bask in it now. I continued on my merry way to the last bus stop which was my actual destination.

This experience brought me to the awareness of the little, seemingly insignificant things we take for granted. It’s not until your nasal cavity has been assaulted with a bad stench, you would never come to appreciate the true value and importance of fresh air. 

Just like this, we take the most important things of life for granted because we see them as “insignificant”. We don’t cherish those special moments with our loved ones or value our time with them because we tend to assume they would always be around but more often than not, that isn’t the case. Life takes us to different directions as we forge ahead on our individual paths to fulfil our destinies.

How grateful are you for those little seemingly unimportant or insignificant things in life – fresh air, kind words, encouragement, friendship, family, good health?

How grateful are you for life?

Don’t be afraid to show your appreciation to people. Erase that delusion from your mind that people would assume you to be too easy or gullible. Not at all. Everyone wants to be valued and treasured; everyone wants to be respected and loved. 

It is those little moments of our lives…those little things that we often see as trivial that sum up to become part of the our one big story. Life is always about quality and not necessarily longevity. It is the quality of your life that engraves your name in the hearts of people not the length of it.

Our biggest fear sometimes is that we would be forgotten. That fear would cease to exist if you imprint your name solidly in gold rather than write it with sand where it can be easily erased by the wind. 

You will always be remembered for who you are and the way you lived. Whether that will be positive or negative, is all up to you.

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