Esele Okeguale-Jacobs is a known fashionista and influencer in the Nigerian fashion world. While she has scored for herself some international recognition, her fashion blog tends to precede her, paving way for her reputation to blossom more.

One thing Esele is known for is her particular style which seems to have left a signature mark in the fashion industry. She loves her comfy shoes – sneakers. Yes, she loves heels but you get to see her almost always in sneakers. Her influence was so huge that in no time, most ladies started dressing in similar ways.

Now, Tito Ankara Designs (TAD) company launched their new shop in the Lekki part of Lagos and with their expertise been Ankara designed sneakers, it wasn’t a shock to see Esele wearing one of their designs in her signature style but this time with a short jean gown. The way the Ankara sneakers complimented the dress and with Esele been the model, TAD didn’t need to do much promotion but sit and watch as the sales of the shoe shot through the roof.

Esele promoted those sneakers without doing an actual promotion and because of her amazing fashion sense, a lot of ladies purchased the sneakers. This shows the importance of brand influencers in not only keeping the lifespan of your business but also scaling it up.

Associating your business with known brand influencers is a strategy major big brands use to promote their products and services. As a startup, you are still unknown and using brand marketing is a great way to help you reach more of your target market and get more customers.

The right brand influencers would definitely help your business achieve a great ROI.

Join the bandwagon of smart entrepreneurs who tap into the high rate of success brought about by influencer marketing. I agree so much with the words of Seth Godin, “People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories and magic” and Malcolm Goldwell seals it up by saying, “There are exceptional people out there who are capable of starting epidemics. All you have to do is find them”.

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