I recently told you about my journey to being a naturalist, what I didn’t say was what made me embark on this journey. My hairline was on a reverse and I did not notice it on time till it got really bad. There’s a special time of confidence that comes with having a gorgeous hairline yet properly caring for it often takes a back seat.

Here’s a rundown of how to properly care for your hairline;

The inversion method

This is an ancient method for natural hair growth. It is a process whereby natural oils are applied all over the hair and scalp after which you flip your head upside down for four to five minutes. To allow blood flow into your hair follicles to enhance hair growth. The natural oils include; coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil and some

Leave Your Edges Alone

It is important to take the stress off your edges, leave your hair to breathe. Not everytime have an extension on try taking a break from them for a few weeks. Leaving your edges alone also includes when getting extension braids or a weave, tell your hair stylist not to touch them. Simply lay them down with a natural oil or edge control.

Speak up

When you feel your hair stylist held your edges to tightly speak up! Some stylists will care better for your hair than others. Which is why it starts with you, first! Don’t be scared to speak up and tell them you don’t want your edges touched. Don’t be afraid to tell them there’s too much tension on your edges.




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