Kids are the best company you can ever keep. They have the tendency to crack you up real good even when you won’t budge. From their innocent smiles to ever inquisitive questions, you can bet you will have a good time being around them. I realised this when I decided to take up a teaching job and I must confess that my experience was life-changing and amazing.

I learnt so many lessons that I wouldn’t have, not even from the pile of books always seated by my bedside. I once had a little girl with a cute short haircut and sharp black pupils that looked like they were boring deep into your soul walk to me one morning and said;

“I didn’t do my assignment”

I feigned a frown. “Why?”

“Because the dots would not connect” She had said with a shrug.

The assignment had been a puzzle to connect dots which would be traced into a drawing of an elephant with the aid of a pencil. It had been a bit difficult for her but when we went over it together, we found out that all the dots eventually connected.

Each phase of your life is a dot which connects to other dots – other phases to create the big story called your life. It is easy to feel discouraged at some point in time but you must keep going or your dots will not connect. Like the caterpillar metamorphoses into a butterfly and an egg into a chick. Life is a journey without shortcuts. Enjoy the process.

If you’ve ever been through a major life transition, this may sound familiar. All of us will experience metamorphosis several times during our lives, exchanging one identity for another. You’ve probably already changed from baby to child to adolescent to adult—these are obvious, well-recognized stages in the life cycle. But even after you’re all grown up, your identity isn’t fixed. You may change switch careers, marital status, become a parent, get married, relocate, lose a loved one, get sick or win an unexpected contract.

Don’t take scars, lessons, introspection, curiosity, humbling experiences and persistence for granted. They are also great dot connectors.

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose. 

-Romans 28:8 (KJV)

Keep working in the light of your purpose and goals, the dots will eventually connect.


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