Sitting back and watching my 3-year-old niece slip her feet in her mother’s shoes is a funny sight to behold. I would laugh at how incredibly small her tiny feet looked in those large shoes. She is a grown teenager now and wears almost just about her mother’s size of shoes. Having big dreams are not too far fetched from this either.

Do other people ever try to tell you that your dream is crazy? That you’re wasting your time on something that will never work or take-off? Just the same, whether a big dream or small one, many of them take about the same length of time to come to fruition.

Don’t let naysayers scare you or make you recoil into your shell. Let God take your hand, and He will lead you into the dreams He had in mind for you when He created you.

American singer, songwriter, dancer and model, Ciara recently opened up to Cosmopolitan.

“I never thought, ‘I can’t be because of the colour of my skin, I can’t be because of my gender.’ No dream is too big. I want to be a billionaire. The more resources, the more you can do. But I think my greatest accomplishment 10 years from now is that I would have a successful life as it pertains to my marriage and being a mom. It’s cool to want to do all these creative things, but it’s no good to gain the world if you lose your soul.”

Practise a lot of positive affirmation as you work on our goals. The key is repetition so you flood your brain with the positive thought. When practicing affirmations, choose one or two to focus on for several weeks. Say the affirmation out loud in a confident voice several times a day and before you go to bed. To add more power to the affirmation, write it down as you speak it.


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