Apple cider vinegar needs to become an essential in your kitchen cupboard. More recently, it has been rumored that apple cider can be used for weight loss and it can also be used to make delicious meals. However, in this post, we will be treating the various beauty tricks of apple cider as homemade remedies for your skin.

It can be used as a skin soother – Apple cider has the capability to heal the skin, because of its antibacterial agent it prevents the skin from breaking out, cleansing and renewing the skin cell.  To use, add eight ounces of apple cider in your bath tub of warm water, and soak in it for 15 minutes so that it can properly settle in. The soak will help renew and restore balance on the skin because it has a high level of the protective acid mantle layer.

Facial toner – Apple cider naturally tones your face and skin due its natural lightening agent. To use this for the face, mix together a cap full of apple cider in a tea cup measurement of water, moisten a cotton ball and apply it on a clean and washed face. After this application, let it dry off on its own. The natural alpha hydroxyl in apple cider will allow your skin absorb the solution and it will also tighten pores on your face.

Its gives one relief from sunburn – Sunburn is caused by the direct contact of the skin to the sun. This in turn causes skin redness and other irritation, thanks to apple cider you can now have quick relief to sun burns. To use this, mix together ½ cup of apple cider vinegar with 2 full glasses of water, use a clean towel to apply the solution on the affected area and allow it dry out on its own. Apple cider helps balances the pH level of the skin, thereby preventing blisters and promoting healing.

To erase and heal Razor bumps – Most people with sensitive skin gets irritated after the use of razor on their skin especially in the armpit area. Thanks to apple cider we have been provided with a remedy to counter the effect from the use of razors on the skin. To use this, soak an undiluted mixture of apple cider on a cotton wool and apply it on the affected area. For severe cases, first of all apply honey on the affected area, rinse it off and apply the undiluted mixture of the apple cider on the affected area. The anti-inflammatory properties will help soothe the skin and the acetic acids softens the skin which allows ingrown hairs grow with ease.

Foot Deodorant – For those of us who love wearing shoes 24/7, apple cider can be used to prevent any foul stench. To use this solution, mix together a small tea cup of apple cider vinegar and 4 full cups of warm water, soak your legs in for 15 minutes, rinse and dry it. You can also apply coconut oil to your feet after performing this ritual. Apple cider is full of antiseptic properties that prevents bad odor and it also disinfect the feet because of its antifungal attributes.

One thing that seems clear is that Apple Cider Vinegar isn’t a mere addition to the rest of the items to your kitchen cupboard, it can be used to give your skin quite the treat killing several birds with one stone.


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