Happy new month!

Happy Holidays and Happy Easter.

I pray every of our heart desires during this period is granted in Jesus name.

Today, I’m gonna be talking about PEACE!!!

Growing up, I was always seeing Innocent Idibia say stuff like “one love my people, peace and he would use this sign and I kept wondering “what’s this one saying”?

Then it happened, I became so disturbed in my mind and soul. I was fighting myself. I was troubled. I needed peace. I searched everywhere for peace, it wasn’t forthcoming then I started praying to God to restore me and grant me happiness. Yes, I found happiness but there was no peace (someday, I’m going to explain the difference between happiness and peace).

So there was happiness but no peace, I struggled for years wishing for calmness in my spirit. Then on my birthday this year, something happened that morning. I woke up, got a message from my mum and I was just laughing, then the last part of her message said “Don’t you think it is best to ask God for something you wish you have”? Then I heard it straight in my mind “peace”. And I started praying. I was crying too. I was thinking also. Thinking about what happened to me last year, two years ago, three, four, eight, ten years ago. How long I have been deprived of PEACE!

While praying, I heard the spirit of God speak to my soul and said: “this peace you so desire, you are the one not giving yourself this peace, my word says my peace I give unto thee” Lo and behold, I started thinking about those times I had shut myself away from Peace. Those times I have carried someone else’s matter on my head and it went straight to my heart(peace truncated), those times I was in a wrong relationship and I couldn’t breathe (peace withheld), those times I was in a bad relationship with frenemies(Peace stolen) and the list goes on.

Then I realized, sometimes, those things you pray for are actually things you have sent far away from you due to negligence or ignorance. And I told God that night “throughout the days of my life, never let me forget that you said in your word that your peace is with me”

I’m sorry I have to be so spiritual this evening. This isn’t how I wanted to write about peace but this is how the spirit has led me to do it.

Brethren, this world is full of storms, you need this peace. It is with you if you have Christ and if you haven’t, it is not to late to open your heart to Him.

Have a beautiful month ahead!

John 14:27: Peace. I don’t leave you the way you’re used to being left—feeling abandoned, bereft. So don’t be upset. Don’t be distraught.

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