With the craze to make ends meet and keep up with jobs, children are slowly losing the essence of children. The older generation has benefitted from the at of bedtime storytelling but this can’t be said to be the same for the new upcoming generation. Telling bedtime stories can never go wrong, it aids in boosting your child’s brain development, improve logic skills, lower stress levels, quicken their mastery of language, provides fodder for family conversation, and more than anything, it associates reading with emotional warmth and fun.

This activity is one of the most important routines you can do with your child. So get ready to make sweet moments of snuggling, bonding, talking, laughing, and loving your children.

However, Bedtime doesn’t have to be regimented and orderly, but if a child senses consistency, then the routine can be a reassuring concept and keep them feeling comfortable, calm and happy. It also can be instrumental in building your child’s personality. Young children are like soft clay. So mould them into good human beings.

If you are a newbie on reading bedtime stories to your kids, this tips will be of utmost importance:

Look out for books that are suitable for your child’s age grade to enable them to understand properly.

Explain new words or terms to them.

As you read to them, ensure they’re getting your full attention and require their’s too — No television, no phones and no toys.

Hey Mom! There will be a lot of. questions but brace yourself with answers. Give response to their answers calmly and reassuringly. Children are naturally curious.


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