Every successful business has in its centre, a “WE” rather than a “ME”. Except you have the gift of bilocation and a series of your clones, as the owner of the business, you can’t do all by yourself. Come to think of it, even if you could bilocate or clone yourself, it would still be you in multiple places at the same place. This means only your thought process guiding the business and no input from any other source.

How boring would that be?

Ever heard the saying, “Two heads are better than one?” That is a definite truth even in business. Working with a team creates room for a fresh pair of eyes and brains to help you see and think out the best strategies for your business growth.

Do you know of any successful entrepreneur who does everything alone? Even the solopreneurs that may choose not to hire anyone sometimes requires the services of others and they call for help when they need it. Starting the business may have been easy to do alone but as it grows, you certainly need a focused team to help you achieve its purpose.

A growing business has different departments which would need special attention to be properly handled. Hence the need for a team but not just any team, A FOCUSED AND PASSIONATE TEAM. How then can you make sure you have the best team for your business?

  • Ensure your team members are happy in and with their jobs.
  • Build a strong relationship with them because they are your “work family”.
  • As you progress, be sure to use the filtration process to sieve out the best of your team – passionate, purpose-driven, vision-oriented, smart- and hard-working, enthusiastic, positive etc., and empower them. Let go of those not committed to your business.
  • Do not micromanage and give your team room to do their jobs freely.
  • Create a positive and fun work culture in the workplace. Be comfortable enough to trust your team and earn their trust too.

A great team is the bedrock of every successful business. Getting the right team players makes all the difference in improving your bottom line. Steve Jobs said, ‘‘Great things in business is never done by one person. They are done by a team of people”.

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