Africa is indeed a beautiful gem hidden under a pile of dirt and rubbles. The one fact that this continent has a lot of problems desperately in need of creative and innovative solutions, guarantees so many opportunities for newbie entrepreneurs to take the most advantage of.  Sure thing, entrepreneurship isn’t for the lily-livered or the lazy ones because it entails a lot of hard work, dedication and commitment, irrespective of whatever niche your business is in.

Bearing in mind that the needs in the different African countries vary, we ought to understand that the factors contributing to the success of any startup would vary as well, depending on the country.

  • IDENTIFY PROBLEMS AND PROFFER SOLUTIONS: Look within your immediate environment and identify the problems you can see. Now, how can you help to resolve them? It is the needs you can identify that would create that unique idea in your mind. In the development of this or these ideas, you are able to see the clear vision of what you aim to achieve in your mind’s eye and it is this vision that would guide you on how to develop your ideas and map it out in a way others can understand so that they too can key into your vision.
  • TEAMWORK:  Build a solid team that possesses complementing skills and talents that make up for the weaknesses of each other. This is the team that would help birth your ideas to reality. It is highly advisable to choose one’s team wisely because, despite the great advantages a team has, the wrong team can destroy that very idea you are trying hard to build. Know your team members and what makes them thick as this would help you understand how they can properly fit into your ideal plan.
  • COMMUNICATION: This is key to any successful business venture. Proper communication helps you win over business investors or stakeholders to buy into your ideas. It also helps you convince your customers to purchase whatever goods or services you provide for them. Communication is a key factor in the growth of any business and this is a skill you really need for your business. Learn this skill and you will see yourself not only winning over the hearts of your team, employees, investors but also close deals and win contracts too.
  • KEEP LEARNING: Train yourself. Go for seminars, conferences. Find out the new ways of doing things in your business. Particularly if your idea is unique in the African continent, you need to constantly update yourself on what has worked in the developed countries and what can possibly work in your country. Keep learning about your customers and how your products or services can be improved to benefit them more. The number one rule of success is to LEARN, LEARN AND KEEP LEARNING.

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