Have you ever given yourself a personal holiday – a day to do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING? If you are that workaholic, having a day of doing nothing may not make sense to you. You see yourself as being unproductive and you would like to bury your head in your laptop, responding to emails, finishing off those letters, having those skype business meetings etc.

Life is a whole lot more than work, making money or business meetings. Learn to take a breather and just be. Here are some things you can benefit when you choose to take a break.

  1. You notice the world around you. You notice that your neighbour who often mows his lawn every week. You notice that trader down the road from whom your help buys those things you may have skipped the last time you went shopping. You notice more of your family members and really get to see them not see through them. You become more aware of the world in which you live and you are better able to connect with others.
  2. You declutter your mind. Doing nothing gives you an opportunity to remember those little seemingly insignificant things that you would ordinarily love to do but never made time for because your mind is too busy focused on those immediate urgent tasks and needs of the office. How about you try penning to paper that sweet story you have thought of for a long time or you could clean the dust off your keyboard and try your hands on the keys to make that sweet melody? Doing nothing helps you remember your first interests before the time of becoming a busy bee.
  3. You feel more gratitude for all you have. Now you can see your house, not as a nest where you lay your head at night and eat your dinners but as a home where you actually live. You notice the colour and arrangement of your furniture, your lovely garden, and the many nice things you have.
  4. You appreciate your health. You get to take more time in noticing your body and appreciating your health of mind and body, especially if you are one to take your health for granted. You go for walks, do more exercises, eat more veggies and fruits because you want to maintain your good health.

Sometimes the best thing we can do for ourselves is to actually take a break from our busy lives and just live. Life isn’t really about the quintillions you make and save in your account but about the beauty of life itself that surrounds us.


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