Self-loathing is a serious problem for many people. But although it can be hard to drag yourself out of the muck, you can learn solid strategies for changing your perspective and loving yourself and your body.

We hope the above tips on how to stop hating yourself will help you stay positive in your outlook on life.

What steps have you taken to start loving yourself more?

Are you dissatisfied with your body? If yes, keep reading to discover some things you can do to love yourself more. Learn how to stop hating yourself and start finding lasting happiness.

Start Celebrating Your Strengths

Like a ripple in a lake, loving the hell out of one part of your body – no matter how small – will have an impact on how you view the rest of you. Pick one part of you that you’re happy with. Be it your long legs, full lips, or strong arms, celebrate it!

Accentuate that aspect of yourself when you get dressed, focus on it intensely in the mirror when you’re lifting weights, and think of it each and every time you have a negative thought about another part of you.

Start looking for another small thing you like and allow yourself to get comfortable feeling confident about it. Again, the more you practice these actions, the easier they will become.

Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

The media certainly doesn’t help us with articles like, “who wore it better”, but comparing ourselves to others is a huge waste of energy! Judging yourself as worse than someone else, damages your sense of self.

You view yourself in a negative light and stop seeing your positive qualities. By spending our time dwelling on what we aren’t, we’re spinning our wheels and not getting any closer to what we actually want.

Only picking apart what you don’t have, don’t do, and don’t look like, is fruitless and drags down your self-esteem and self-confidence. When you choose to focus on what you have done and are able to do, your confidence will grow and the things you do not have won’t matter as much.

Learn to stay aroung positive-minded people. When you’re with people who celebrate their wins, and brush aside worry about how they look from the outside, only to replace it with confidence with how they feel on the inside, you will be unstoppable!

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