Remember that cartoon, “The Little Mermaid” produced by Disney many years ago? Was it one you loved to watch? It is one of my favourites to date because I keep learning from it each time I watch it. Ariel longed to be a human and would do anything to become that to the extent of giving up her beautiful voice for human legs.

She thought to get the prince’s attention, her beauty would suffice as the witch, Ursula made her think but sadly that wasn’t the case. While her beauty was a sight to behold, Eric also wanted to hear the lovely voice that accompanied such beauty. He longed to hear her voice and it broke her heart that she could no longer speak.

Your voice is one of your most prized possessions. Don’t give it up for anything no matter what because it is your tool and weapon. In recent times, we have seen different peaceful movements come up – #metooera, #balanceforbetter, #shematters, #blacklivesmatter etc. as a way of protesting for a change in the society.

That is giving voice to values; taking a stand for things to be better.

Giving up your voice is when you stand for nothing and allow your silence to blend into the crowd. We live to create impact and to set a pace for others to follow. We don’t just join the bandwagon in a bid to not get in trouble. Recently, the elections were carried out in Nigeria and people were urged to go vote. Everywhere, it was said, “your vote counts”.

The reason is your vote is your voice. You are speaking your decision about the person you want to be placed on that seat of power. You are not silent and allowing others to make that decision for you. That is the power of your voice. It gives you the opportunity to air your views, your opinions.

You are not a robot that accepts just anything that is thrown at you. You have the faculties of intellect and understanding. Utilize them and make them count for you. Maya Angelou said, “Words mean more than what is set down on paper. It takes the human voice to infuse them with deeper meaning” 

Your voice matters.

Photo Credit: Toby Harnden’s blog – Daily Mail

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