If you ever find yourself feeling the heat of the scorching sun, the best place to seek solace is under the aquatic comfort of the blue-green stream. There is nothing as soothing as taking a dip in a stream. Streams appear in different shades of colour due to the influence of green algae and finely ground rock. Our pursuits in life also come in varieties and different shades too.

Have you ever found yourself engaged in a certain pursuit and it seems it is not working or the approach does not seem effective, it might be a good time to have a rethink? No one goes about a thing over and over again with the same approach, expecting a different result. Do you know vocals have always been used in drama presentations or filmmaking but how did we get to the point where we do voice-over-records? How did our traditional newsprint excuse itself, to create a pathway for digital publishing and create new career opportunities for people in the digital space?

All these ideas were pre-existing but with an innovative touch, they were turned around to be novel creations and initiatives. What does your relationship with God or people look like? How is your career or business faring? It does not matter what your response will be. What matters is your decision to be open-hearted and explore various opportunities like a colourful butterfly perching on diverse attractive flower petals. The world is too colourful for you to decide to remain in a monochrome shade.

We like to think that creativity is meant for a few people but the fact is that everyone is creative. Creativity is a dominant factor in everyone. It can be learnt, released, reborn, occur naturally or be instilled to the extent that one can become a creative genius.

When you feel stuck, try something new and different. Don’t be scared! Your next opportunity to break even lies under your refusal to take a dip in a different stream.

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