How competitive are you? Do you create opportunities for others to succeed or do you want to be the only “shining star” in the midst of the lot?

Remember that the more you help others, the brighter your light shines. Climbing the ladder of success is hardly about people blocking your path but more of the effort you put in to succeed in honest ways. So why not just be a team player instead of focusing your energy in trying to fly solo?

There is this African adage that says, ” If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”.

Talent is good; heck it is super amazing but it is not all that is required to be a success. In actual fact, talent isn’t enough. Do you want to get out there? You think the competition out there is so much but still, want to stand out from the outstanding crowd? Then you need to do more…….you need to be more…

Work ethics, drive, teamwork, hard work, smart work….are all part of the success package. These are basically the beginning, middle and the finish of becoming great.

Success is not all about, “me, me, me”. It is about “us”….”TEAM US”.

Lonely is never a pretty place to be; togetherness is more like it. Stepping on others to get ahead is so wrong because that is NOT success calling your name at the peak of the ladder. It is EGO and watch it, else you may just miss a step and fall back to ground zero.

Ego is only about making loud empty noises whereas humility is filled with so much quiet, grace, elegance, class and beauty. It echoes simplicity, happiness, joy, triumph, victory, screaming so loud that you can’t even hear a squeak ego makes.

You can’t enjoy success or triumph alone. It is something you share with family and friends…..note this. It takes absolute courage to discover who you are….. It takes courage to see past all the hurdles, hardships and obstacles and still allow the very best of you come forth.

Give room for others to succeed and don’t be a stumbling block on their path. Remember, it is what you wish others you wish for yourself too.


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