A woman with a headache. Image shot 2007. Exact date unknown.


Most people are prone to dent certain things till it becomes true. However, there is nothing wrong in accepting challenge and looking out for a way to get past it. You remember the days you got to work with reddy eyes and a tired body but you just felt like a super woman and didn’t deem it worthy to accept the fact that you were stressed.

Accepting the fact you are stressed does not make you a weak person.  It only helps you identify your challenge and tone down on the likely causes of the stress. It could emanate from family, work , business or external interferences. Each time you try to soft pedal on the fact that you are being stressed, these are pointers that reveal otherwise;

Head aches

They often come with stiffening of muscles and you lose the ability to concentrate. The headaches could sometimes be persistent and nagging. In as much as you can be relieved with administration of pain killers , it might be an indicator of physical stress. It could also be accompanied by nausea

Eye Twitching and Tweaking muscles

Have you ever experienced your eyes twitch often. This temporary condition can be annoying and worrisome, and for some, can be triggered by stress. If you seat down most of the hours of the day , you might want to walk around once in a while to relieve your muscles.

Decrease in sex drive

Due to being overwhelmed by external influences one can be prone to have a decrease in sex drive. This is more common in married women, this is not say that it does. not occur in single women too.


This is another pointer to being stressed. You might forget things you often do not forget easily, this is because your brain is not working at optimal level. They could be as dismissive as forgotten appointments, lost keys, missing cell phone— It sure does count.


Try to relax more often, listen to soulful music, declutter your mind, taking deep breathes, warm bathes at the close of work can be soothing and if you have a need to talk to a trusted person- Don’t hesitate to.



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