You know what it’s like when you’re expectant and people keep telling you that you’re in their prayers. Maybe it’s the fruit of the womb or financial growth or even the one. Either way it seems like your blessing is stuck in some die-hard traffic and it’s unsettling because here you are doing the lord’s work but he won’t do yours. Or maybe it’s faith for grace, grace to manouver through the open doors that God has finally let you through. You’ve been put in the position you didn’t even dream about because you thought it was impossible but here you are, and somehow you have to believe that you are worthy of that position and that you are capable of being excellent at it. One thin thread that manifests itself in all these listed scenarios is that you simply have to have the F word, FAITH.

Faith like a mustard seed as the bible puts used to be a concept that I struggled with until recently. I got to understand that having faith like a mustard seed didnt mean your faith was minute, it meant that you believed to a degree so you palnted that seed anyway. A typical mustard seed is usually about 1 to 2 millimetres. It means that you followed through by watering that tiny seed. It means you were dedicated to watering the seed repeatedly till you started to see elements of life. It means that you were committed to creating the right conditions for that seed to germinate into a shrub, a plant and subsequently, a tree.



The size of a mustard seed

“Mustard germinates in cool soil. Favorable conditions for mustard germination include moist soil and a soil temperature of roughly 45 degrees Fahrenheit. Under these conditions, mustard will emerge from the soil in five to 10 days. Mustard planted when the soil is 40 degrees will germinate, but it will germinate more slowly. If mustard is planted in the fall or when the soil temperature is below 40, the seed will wait until the soil warms up to germinate.”-Home Guides

I find that the same way in which there are conditions for growth of the mustard seed is the same way we need to be conditioned to growing our faith as individuals. Unfortunately, just like the mustard seed if these conditions are not met, you will lose hope and eventually give up on that dream that has, for so long, haunted you. In the end, you will not feel fulfilled or accomplished. Highlighted below are some pointers to help you as we all lose faith at one point or the other, the idea is not to let it take control over our minds.


The bible is specific when it says to meditate on the word day and night. Speaking the word and constantly thinking it will put you in continuous alignment with your faith especially when doubt starts to seep in and the devil is inciting fear in your heart.

“However, you cannot speak the word if you do not know it so you have to make it a habit of reading the word and applying it to your life where the Holy Spirit compels you to do so.”

Christianity is a deeply personal relationship and intimacy with God, not everything requires that you go to a prophet or a pastor. Sometimes, all God is hoping for is that you bridge the gap to connect with him, deliberately.


“Prayer is the masterkey isn’t just a song, it’s a lifestyle. “

Make a habit of praying, not three times a day as a ritual or routine but praying wherever possible. I pray on my drive to work and back home. I see a distraught child on the streets and have no money to give, i pray for his or her life. I see the news, i say a word of prayer. I get good news, i say a word of prayer. I get bad news, I say a word of prayer. I just exist, I say a word of prayer. I try not to make it a habit of simply praying for all the things I would like to have, I try to make it seem as though I am having a conversation with my father, my friend and my confidant. These conversations have saved me a world of heart ache. Several times where i could have lost my cool and reacted, it has kept me from behaving badly. Other times where I could have gotten overwhelmed, it has reigned me in. Where I have lost faith, it has brought me back in line. That’s the work of prayer. Pray all ways, always!

The knowledge of who you serve.

I once heard the Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria speak on breaking the terrible news to my pastor that his darling wife had passed. To us, she was a beacon of faith and power; she emanated grace, fearlessness and poise in a way that only few ever get to do in her lifetime. Despite her being a woman of God who touched many lives, she still passed away in a horrible aeroplane crash. Yet, when told about her death, he got on his knees and screamed out loud, thank you Jesus. Now, several years after, he is doing the work of the lord in a way that very few will ever, he is winning souls for christ and his children are all gifted in the ministry in one way or the other. As for his late wife, her legacy still lives on in her books, her recorded sermons and in her children.

“Knowing who you serve does not mean that there won’t be ups and downs, knowing who you serve means that you know without an inkling of a doubt that HE IS THERE with you through those ups and downs. So, you could never go wrong! Ever!”

Growing your faith is a steady process.


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  1. dolapo

    I saw mustard seeds for the first time when my mom came back from Jerusalem and gave some to me. So tiny. Wish we could all have that little faith. We are living in a faithless generation where people want to see before they believe. Thanks for sharing this piece. I am encouraged!!!

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