It’s not easy to keep going when you’re tired. Fatigue zaps us of our strength. Weariness wears on your soul like a rung-out dish cloth. How do you keep going when you’re all out of “go?” What’s the secret sauce to getting your spiritual fervour back?

Worship is not just about God. It’s about you. It centres you. It changes your attitude. It awakens you. It stirs up the Holy Spirit inside of you. It makes you more aware of God’s powerful presence.

Listen and soak up worship music. I have a “personal soak” playlist of my favourite worship songs on Spotify. That’s exactly what I do with it. I sit and soak. I don’t do much while I’m listening to it. I sip on my coffee and breathe while the words and music are sung over me. These songs remind me of God’s true, steady character. If you like to sing, sing along – by all means. Soak your soul in the Spirit.

Declare the goodness of God out loud. Maybe you’ve heard this saying, “Don’t tell God about your problems. Tell your problems about your God.” I like that. It sounds like positive mumbo-jumbo, but it’s great wisdom. We can focus on our problem, or we can focus on the power, strength, might, and compassion of God that empowers us to get through our problem.

Always challenge yourself to worship your way through every circumstance. It will lift your perspective and give you joy.

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